domingo, 7 de setembro de 2014

Teen Fashion

These days, the fashion is everything if you need to be trendy. Also, the people use the fashion to indicate they cultures, groups and thing they like.
 There are several types of fashion, Include your own fashion if you don't belongs to one of these groups.
 Here i will indicate some types of styles:
 The gothics, normally dress with dark clothes, some of them wear makeup.
 The punks, Normally dress like rebels, with vests, jeans jackets, jeans. Some of them use mohawk.
 The hippies, normally dress with clothes from the 60s-70s, Baggy pants, Loose shirts and some of them use bandanas.
 And there are the "normals", who use "normal" clothes, like t-shirts, shorts, jeans and a lot of things.

 -Felipe Barone morales. 9ºA

Panic! At the disco.

Panic! At The Disco is a rock band from the United States with theatrical influences, their lyrics deal with many subjects. Formed in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2004 The most famous song is "I Write Sins Not Tragedies", which was awarded the VMA for Video of the Year in 2006 this same award in 2008, the video for "Nine In The Afternoon "was nominated to compete for Best Pop Video.

 Some of their current albums are:
 A fever  you can't sweat out. -2004
 Pretty. Odd. - 2008
 Vices & Virtues -2011
 And the most recent album:
 Too weird do live, To rare to die. -2013

 -Felipe Barone Morales, 9ºA